Best Way to Store Tofu For Extra Freshness

If you have opened a pack of tofu but then decided that now is not the time to cook it then here are a couple of tips what you can do to preserve that tofu freshness:

  1. If you are planning to cook your tofu in the next few days, best to place your tofu block inside a container and add some cold water, then close the lid and place the container inside the fresh. Remember to change the water daily, this will keep the tofu fresher for longer
  2. Another option is to freeze your tofu. Cut the block into smaller cubes and remove any excess liquid, you can place the tofu in a plastic bag or container and then put it in the freezer. If you are planning to cook it soon, you can simply place it on the chopping board before moving to the freezer.

Personally I recommend not freezing already cooked tofu since the flavour won’t be as good, but any cooked tofu can be placed in a fridge for a couple of days to be consumed later.